Hola Flamenco Festival

Hola Flamenco Festival


Flamenco, itself, includes the words “solidarity”, “experimentation” and “ co-existence” as it was emerged from the lower social levels, the poor people, the oppressed, the ones who were suffering and that is why it describes very well the difficulties of these people. Apart from this, like any other kind of local / traditional music, it describes very well the daily life, the happiness, the love and the funny moments.

The Festival, focuses on these three words:

Our artists co-exist on stage with other artists that might be completely strangers. This is a basic element of Flamenco culture! And despite the difficulties, it always works!

We invite and we challenge our flamenco dancers to work with musicians from other kinds of music. Experimentation is the second nature of flamenco!

We support social acts and organizations. This way, we help people to get informed about various problems and ways of solving them, we help people to get to know about acts and organizations that might ignore and also, it brings people together!

Hola Flamenco Festival started back in 2017 in Athens / Greece, as a 3 days fiesta in 3 small yards of Athens, inviting local artists. Till then we present every year, another edition, improved and in different locations.

Our idea is tested, well prepared, we have the know-how and we can help flamenco communities organize their own Hola Flamenco Festival wherever in the globe!

If you are interested please ask us!

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Hola Flamenco Festival


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